Freight Brokers

Take advantage of all the carriers in our network

By using MTS Transportation as a Freight Broker or 3PL company you have the advantage of all of our carriers in our network.

We will provide the transportation for your needs; it can be refrigerated, dry van or power only transportation throughout the entire United States.

nationwide service

MTS has the people, knowledge, experience and state of the art equipment to provide you the service you demand in today’s market place.

Let MTS put its network of alliance carriers to work for you

By letting us help with your Transportation needs with a competetive price.




Traffic Management

MTS will audit your current transportation needs and offer a solution to your transportation concerns. We will provide available equipment during “high capacity” trends in the industry, such as produce times throughout the country. We will in essence become your transportation department. By using a 3PL company you have all the advantage of our carriers in our network. We can also provide drop trailers that are needed for “just in time” delivery of certain products. We can manage small to larger firms that ship refrigerated, dry van, flatbed or bulk trailers throughout the country. This service is normally provided on a contractual basis, with no less than a three year contract. With this service we will also provide, on time delivery reports, auditing on all freight bills and discrepancies on all pods and bols. We will file all claims, detentions, additional charges, provide a quarterly report on all actions taken and prepare all transportation invoices to be paid. If needed, we will put qualified personnel on site to better service your transportation request and needs. With this service you will write one check weekly for all of your transportation needs and the communication line will be minimized. The greatest advantage of this service is that it allows for controlled cost of transportation and it allows the customer to do what they do best; to concentrate all of their resources on their customers to improve their bottom line.

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